The journey is just begun


About the journey


So I'm behind on my pledge of one post a month to this blog. This is officially my first post and I want to thank you all for following.

The way this works

Technical details and musings

You may or may not be reading this via an https url. That's a happy backwards compatible workaround, because this is always published as a dat.

For those who don't know what a dat is, the technology is liberating decentralized sharing platform, allowing for all of us who care about sharing content to help each other without needing to find a place to host to serve it. I can post this, others can post what they want, and if I know their dat I can sync it and help serve it from my system to others that might want to view it and vice versa. Essentially, we rely on each other to pass the word along.

This is what the internet was built for, knowledge sharing amoung peers. I think this is an ideal content platform and will continue pursuing it in my projects. Please visit the dat project for more details on how that works.

This blog is published as a dat, seeded (the act of sharing/serving) by the network, and also manually added to hashbase for seeding and the friendly https url. If you are on a pc (versus a mobile device) I highly recommend Beaker Browser as an easy way to view raw dat archives and to create some of your own. Beaker Browser makes it much simpler than running the dat project locally. Paste the url of this dat in the browser and start exploring!

For now the journey is only an html page with a bunch of articles (well this one) in it, but I fully intend to flesh it out, posting articles as markdown or json, adding resources that might be helpful in other formats, and pulling it all together in this html under a more interactive framework like VueJs etc. Cloning and syncing this dat would be useful to get access to the full offline resources as needed.

Onward and upward

And now back to the journey

So, here I am writing paragraphs about something technical like dat. In reality, such tech only helps me forward the things that I really want to talk about: mainly tech, poetry, living better, and positive actions, gains, or growth in the community as a whole. I hope you join me and share your dats as well!

From Habitat M45 with the warmest regards.